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September 2014
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Weekly Weather September 1, 2014

 labor day 2








Life seems somewhat like a party that I was dropped into. At first I was shy and awkward and didn`t know what the rules were. I was afraid of doing the wrong thing. It turned out that I was there to enjoy myself and I didn’t know how to do that. Someone kind talked to me and made me laugh. I began to understand that actually I had to make up my own rules and then live by them.

~ Gillian Bennett ~


We start to pick up the pace of our new life with Saturn moving faster as Mars zooms away from him. It is time to start making up the new rules of your own life and start living by them!!   The Moons during the week have very productive closing aspects but next weekend Moon in Aquarius is difficult with a closing square to Saturn and Mars.

Saturn in Scorpio has taken us back in time to between ages 16 to23… During that age span, we got our license to drive a car, became eligible to vote, drink and serve on jury duty or in the military. We finished our basic education. We started our first job.  We moved out on our own. We fell in love.  Those “first” experiences  color our future experiences and expectations as they are so pivotal and involved a new level of commitment on our part. As a result, we made decisions on what we experienced.  Now, Saturn is circling back and asking how or if we want to change those commitment decisions.

Venus forms a Hammer of Thor with Pluto and Uranus.  Over the past few weeks, both Mercury and the Sun formed Hammers of Thor with Pluto and Uranus.  Those Hammers are part of the reason the energy has been so harsh… bang, bang, bang… knocking out and changing the structures of our lives. Now Venus comes along for the final wrap-up with the hammer.  Whatever you don’t love or whatever isn’t cherished by you needs to head into the Goodwill pile or dumpster. Find it a good home if you don’t want it in your home any more.  Use your hammer wisely this week!



This week, Mercury and Venus both change signs and adjust how we’ll be working with their energies.  As personal planets, Venus and Mercury support the Sun in getting what he needs and wants done. The Sun in Virgo answers to Mercury so when Mercury moves into Libra on Monday, we will have more grace, finesse, beauty and class added to our to-do task lists generated by the Virgo Sun. We’ll be focusing on Venus’ influence on Mercury in how we tackle that task list. At the beginning of the week, while Venus is still in Leo so there will be some pizazz, laughter and fun added to the mix.

At the end of the week, Venus goes into Virgo on Friday.  In Virgo, Venus gets more focused on the imperfections, process, problems, options and flaws ~ as well as how to improve them.  Venus is a bit of a perfectionist when in Virgo.  She keeps evaluating what she’s done and tweaking the process to improve it. Venus in Virgo has a flawless eye for how to create a clean, simple line and deliver what she wants.  This week, the USOPEN Tennis Tournament is in New York.  A quick search of Venus in Virgo finds Arthur Ashe, Jimmy Connors, Martina Navratilova, Roger Federer as well as Nancy Kerrigan and Wilt Chamberlain ~ all precision performance athletes! Comedians known for their wit as well as their physical comedy like Robin Williams, Lucille Ball, Lily Tomlin have Venus in Virgo.  Herb Ritts, Robert Redford, Carrie Fisher, Henry Ford, John Lennon and Sophia Loren known for their imaginative beauty, improvements in process or creations have Venus in Virgo.

The good news is Venus and Mercury are in mutual reception so they can “swap places”  ~ Venus can be in Libra and Mercury can be in Virgo ~ both great placements.  Or Venus in Virgo, operating in her lower energies, can be carpish, a harridan, shrew, battle ax, female warrior, a woman of masculine strength, a virago, domineering, violent, or bad-tempered woman.

Venus in Virgo is considered in her fall but actually she’s just VERY particular about what she likes and doesn’t like.  I have a friend who was internet dating.  We’d look at the charts of the various fellows she was considering.  She has Venus in Virgo. One guy looked particularly nice ~ good chart synastry, friendly, decent sense of humor, gainfully employed etc.  She went out with him.  Our conversation after her date went:

Her: “Nope.  Not happening with him.  Nice guy but he has tiny teeth.”

Me:  “Tiny teeth?”

Her:  “Yes, tiny teeth?”

Me: “You aren’t going to date him because he has TINY TEETH?”

Her: “Yes.  They were VERY tiny teeth.  If we have kids, the kids will have tiny teeth.  I just can’t do that to my child!”

She ended up marrying a guy with nice teeth.  Venus in Virgo. You love it or you hate it. You are never neutral!

labor day 3








Planetary Highlights

Sun goes from 8:55 degrees Virgo to 14:47 degrees Virgo.  The Sun aspects the Nodes of Destiny on Tuesday, September 2, asking you to look back at an old story in order to understand what’s going on in your life now.  This could be a time for meeting someone from a past life, who will likely become important to you in the future.  So pay attention to who (or what) you meet on Tuesday morning!  On Wednesday, September 3, the Sun sets off the inconjunct between Jupiter, Pluto, and Neptune, encouraging you to own your own power and use the psychological triangles in their highest form.  You can do it!  The Sun opposes Chiron on Sunday, September 7, offering an enormous opportunity for healing or for feeling wounded.  Keep on going towards the higher form.  All wounds can be healed, the cleaner the better.

Mercury goes from 27:20 degrees Virgo to 7:41 Libra.  Mercury works with Admetos on Monday, September 1, concluding the story in an easy and effortless fashion.  On Tuesday, September 2, Mercury enters Libra for 25 days.  He has a retrograde coming up in October, so he will spend even more time in Libra then after dipping his toes into Scorpio.  Communications become balanced, polite, and creative – especially for the first part of the week while Venus is in Leo.  After Venus moves into Virgo on Friday, communications becomes much more technical, but still with a strong desire to partner.  The next few days of the week are excellent for signing contracts and arranging deals.  Mercury’s inconjunct to Neptune on Saturday, September 6 asks us to adjust our dream a bit – not to give it up, but to make some significant or decent sized changes.

Venus goes from 23:34 degrees Leo to 2:13 degrees Virgo.  Venus sets off the Hammer of Thor with Uranus and Pluto during the week.  She echoes and amplifies Mercury’s (Aug 13-16) and Sun’s (Aug 19-24) previous journeys through the square (Sept 2-6) Venus is ending and getting rid of a long-overdue situation on Thursday, September 4 when she squares Admetos.  Venus enters Virgo on Friday, September 5, starting 23 days of detailed attention, editing, elimination, organizing, and functional approaches to all beloved things!  On Saturday, September 6, she finishes her Hammer of Thor with Uranus in a new sign ~Virgo ~ rocketing us forward towards change. These are excellent days to declutter and reorganize your life, your plans, your to-do list, your cabinets and closets!  Venus’s contraparallel to Ceres on Sunday, September 7 says that if you don’t love it you must get rid of it.

Mars goes from 21:15 degrees Scorpio to 25:46 degrees Scorpio.  After all his drama last week, Mars quiets down slightly this week.  On Monday, September 1, he has a biquintile to Uranus, encouraging us to take action around our creativity.  He has an argument with Envy’s favorite gal, Eris, on Wednesday, September 3.  He brings deep emotions around sacrifice and betrayal to the surface on Saturday, September 6 when he opposes Sedna.  He has a power struggle with Pluto on Sunday, September 7.  You want to be really conscious Sunday as it can set off permanent changes in your relationships.

Jupiter goes from 10:03 degrees Leo to 11:29 degrees Leo.  Jupiter perfects his finger of God with Pluto on September 5.  Time to make important choices around triangles and power in your life.  Jupiter completes his other Finger of God with Pallas Athena and Neptune on September 7.  This is definitely a week to focus on what you LOVE, flying in the face of any opposition, go soaring towards your dreams.  And, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!

Saturn goes from 18:01 degrees Scorpio to 18:30 degrees Scorpio.  Saturn is kind of quiet this week.

Uranus goes from 15:53 degrees Aries to 15:40 degrees Aries (retrograde).  Uranus cleans out the closets and releases things on Saturday, September 6.  He has a fight and ends relationships on Sunday, September 7.  He is part of a Hammer of Thor with Pluto and Venus as the handle from September 2 to 6. Bang, bang!  Change arrives!

Neptune goes from 6:08 degrees Pisces to 5:57 degrees Pisces (retrograde).  Neptune is quiet this week.

Pluto goes from 11:07 degrees Capricorn to 11:03 degrees Capricorn (retrograde).  He is part of a Hammer of Thor with Uranus and Venus as the handle from September 2 to 6. Bang, bang!  Change arrives!  Pluto squares Pallas Athena on Saturday, helping you to see patterns that aren’t working for you anymore.  Of course, that doesn’t mean you or they are going to change them!  Move on!

Chiron trines both Vesta and Juno on Saturday.  There’s a limit to how much change can happen in this situation.  But then again, everything has limits.  So work with it!

Vesta is otherwise quiet this week.

Pallas Athena has lots going on – see above!

Ceres joins Poseidon on Sunday, September 7.  Deep, sad emotions float up to the surface.  Ocean stories abound!

Juno contraparallels Ceres on Saturday, September 6.  Your mother and your partner aren’t getting along.  Your nurturing and your relationship aren’t happening.  You aren’t feeling nurtured in your relationship.  It happens. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.  Go to separate rooms. Sit quietly.

Cupido stations direct at 22:08 degrees Sagittarius, on September 4 at 6:26 pm EDT.  Your tribe is starting to form!



Void Moons in the Week Ahead:  When the Moon is Void, it is wise to avoid making important decisions as they tend to be unrealistic, and subject to false starts, errors or unexpected hassles.  Avoid being concerned with things beyond your spiritual center.  It is time for subjective, spiritual and non-materialistic concerns.  Kick back, let life flow, and center yourself.  Connect into your essential oneness with the Universal Forces.

Moon is in Scorpio in the morning on Monday, September 1.  She goes void at 11:40 am EDT, with a closing sextile to Mercury.

Moon enters Sagittarius on Monday, September 1 at 1:17 pm EDT.  The Sagittarius Moon goes void on Wednesday, September 3 at 2:06 pm EDT, with a closing trine to Venus.  The Moon is void on Wednesday afternoon.

Moon enters Capricorn on Wednesday, September 3 at 6:15 pm EDT.  The Capricorn Moon goes void with a closing sextile to Mars on Friday, September 5 at 11:08 am EDT.  The Moon is void on Friday afternoon.

Moon enters Aquarius on Friday, September 5 on 7:59 pm EDT.  The Aquarius Moon goes void on Sunday, September 7 at 1:19 pm EDT with a closing square to Mars.  The Moon is void on Sunday afternoon.

Moon enters Pisces at 7:47 pm EDT on Sunday, September 7.  The Pisces Moon goes void on Tuesday, September 9 at 3:09 pm EDT with a closing trine to Mars.



Moon day Monday September 1, 2014 Labor Day!  Moon is in Scorpio in the morning. She goes void at 11:40 am EDT, with a closing sextile to Mercury.  Moon enters Sagittarius at 1:17 pm EDT. Lots of dreams had you tossing and turning last night.  On awakening, Mars has an aspect of brilliance with Uranus encouraging you to take bold and brave steps forward creatively.  Go for your dreams.  There is news of an ending today as Mercury trines Admetos at the last degrees of earth signs… a good run but now it is finished.  Venus square to Sedna brings up issues about sacrificing yourself for others ~ time to assess that behavior and make changes where needed. Old patterns die hard but a concerted effort and minor, steady improvements get you to where you need to go. Lots of energy to connect later in the day with the Sagittarius Moon inviting a party energy as she answers to Jupiter in Leo.  Learn something today or sign up for a course or curriculum of study.



labor day 1









Mars day Tuesday September 2, 2014 Moon is in Sagittarius.  The Sagittarius Moon goes void with a closing trine to Venus.  Mercury entered Libra last night. In a few weeks, he goes retrograde so he’s starting to slow down.  Libra makes him want to be more balanced.  Lots of turbulent yet inspiring dreams with Sun aspecting Uranus ~ keep those brilliant ideas close to you and on your to-do one day list (or maybe to-do today as the aspects are lovely!?).  Words around ending situations today!  Venus has a stressful aspect to Pluto so money feels a bit tight or is missing ~ she’s aspecting  Capricorn so go for the practical approach to help the situation. Sun connects with the SOUTH NODE of destiny so you can be tempted to back slip OR feel sorry for yourself OR connect with bad old choices.  Dance briefly in the Node and move on.  You do have to feed the South Node to get to the North Node but still you can wallow in it.  No wallowing or feeling sorry for yourself. You have to change. They are NOT going to change. They MIGHT change if YOU CHANGE.  Or AFTER you change, you might find it doesn’t matter as much as it once did.  But today, the temptation is to find the problem lies with THEM.  They are just doing what they want to do… You do what you want to do too!  Moon’s trine to Uranus today encourages a fresh, unique outlook on how to change your life! Saturn’s biquintile informs us that there is a reason for every situation under the heaven.  Want that to change? Take action and be the change you want to make!


Wednesday Mercury’s day September 3, 2014  Moon is in Sagittarius The Sagittarius Moon goes void at 2:06 pm EDT, with a closing trine to Venus.  The Moon is void on Wednesday afternoon.  Moon enters Capricorn at 6:15 pm EDT.  The Capricorn Moon goes void with a closing sextile to Mars.  A day of shifts as the Moon goes from fire in the morning to earth in the evening.  The middle of the day has a void moon to process the activities of the past few days and get you ready for the changes next week. Lots of dreams again last night as you get information about how to proceed.  You can awake this morning feeling sore or stiff from the recent work or activity or you can hear words that hurt.  Remember Mars argues with Eris so there can be a jealous theme that runs through yesterday and today.  Take action, in a healthy way, to move forward. Let envy inspire you to go for YOUR dream.  If the wounding words are from a jealous someone, (or from yourself to another) use them to shift how you see things. If someone is envious OF YOU, don’t let it stop you from moving toward your dream. Moon trines Pluto at high Noon east coast time encouraging a deeper commitment to your life, your CHANGES, and your next evolution. It is an old energy that isn’t particularly helpful any more ~ it doesn’t nurture you the way it used to. Or you are tired of feeding it. Emotions are deep ~ if you are feeling you have to continue to sacrifice yourself, think again.  No more sacrificing for naught. It is time for them to grow up and self nurture. Or time for you to realize that no-one is going to be taking care of YOU so YOU need to take care of you. Mars fights with Admetos by declination so you or they are SO DONE. Expect some bad news tonight as Moon in Capricorn squares Mercury in Libra.



Jupiter’s Day Thursday September 4, 2014 Moon is in Capricorn. The Capricorn Moon goes void with a closing sextile to Mars making the today and Friday quite productive (if a bit depressing)… power through your to-do list!  Moon and the planets bring you another night of tossing and turning and solving problems dreams…  brilliant ideas in  your dreams… act on them!  Or at least write them down and ponder on what they mean!  Leaping out of bed bright and early with a bit of stress or a start finds you deeply emotional about the matters at hand.  Chronic health matters seem intractable today… just a backwards day as Cappy Moon reminds you of the limitations involved in life and body matters.  Limitations seem to be the rule today… enjoy them.  Let the limitations coddle you.  Venus’ square to Admetos means something you love is not available to you in the way you’d like or want.  Endings again!  Everything is shifting and changing around you. Moon’s aspects to Neptune, Pluto, Sun and Uranus create lots of changes in your reactions to things.  Allow yourself to do something you are NOT used to doing. It is TIME!  Venus’ sextile to Apollon and contra-parallel to Vesta reminds you of tasks or dreams or loves calling that need you to leave where you are and move toward them.  Give your self and your heart permission to not be so burdened by responsibility in a bad way… embrace your responsibility with an eye for reformatting or focusing it to support where you want to go.

Friday Venus’s Day September 5,  2014 Moon  is in Capricorn. The Capricorn Moon goes void with a closing sextile to Mars at 11:08 am EDT.  The Moon is void on Friday afternoon.  Moon enters Aquarius at 7:59 pm EDT.  The Aquarius Moon goes void with a closing square to Mars.  The day is easy, the night is tough. Another night of rocking dreams with Mercury’s square to Hades and Jupiter’s work with Admetos ~ clear messages about situations that need to end or change for your journey to proceed.  Essential shifts in how you connect with others are being outlined by the heavens above.  Moon’s sextile to Mars in Scorpio creates fertile earth for projects to proceed under.  Jupiter’s inconjunct to Pluto sets off and finishes the Finger of God with the three brothers… baby Brother Jupiter asks you to do what you love…. No excuses any more.  Time to make that critical adjustment! Ah those Fingers of God ~ Jupiter as the Apex with legs of Neptune and Pluto.  You know what you want.  You have the dream in your mind ~ that is Brother Neptune.  Now you have to do the transformation work requested by Brother Pluto to get there.  You can totally do the transformation to make your dreams come true! Embrace that Jupiter energy! Do your Solar work!  Shine in your life! Important choices are made today.  Venus enters Virgo and buckles down for 25 days of organizing, filing, figuring out and getting stuff together.  Gal pal Venus is ON A ROLL~!!  Tonight there can be fireworks with Uranus opposing Zeus ~ or eruptions (volcanos?) or creative break ups or break throughs.  Not always pleasant but they do get the job done.


Saturn’s Day Saturday September 6, 2014  Moon is in Aquarius and goes void with a closing square to Mars.  Dreams last night are turbulent, passionate and perhaps a bit explosive.  You are working on a VERY DEEP emotional level the next few days. We have a couple of difficult days as Aquarius Moon detaches and squares the passion or impassioned Saturn in Scorpio. We are at a critical action step regarding our choices.  Aquarius Moons are tough because they don’t allow us to take things for granted. They get in our face and encourage us to KNOW ~ we have to KNOW what we want.  Mars opposition to Sedna says no more whining, sacrificing or complaining. The time for that is past. The deal is before you. Do you want it?  Yes or no.  Moon argues with Jupiter so you run into a roadblock of detached indifference.  Chiron’s trine to Vesta says you were offered plenty of opportunity to do this in a different way but now the choice before you can be wounding. However, it is the choice you face. Venus sesquiquadrate to Uranus suggests there is another approach to take for the needed money or required/expected financial gain.  Explore all options.  Mercury’s adjusting energy with Neptune invites you to partner, at least verbally, with the situation before you.  Pluto’s square to Pallas means he wants to argue what is clearly right in front of his face. You have to love that kind of brazen energy… not willing to acknowledge it is part of the control energy. You know it even if they are saying no.  Hold your own. Tough energy today.  After not agreeing to that version of reality, Mercury’s union with Eris helps the situation deteriorate a bit more… Envy or jealousy in the mix is never easy.  Jealous you laugh? Of what? Of what you have that they either want or don’t have.  Go your own way and take a bit of a breather.  Sun’s aspect to the South Node adds an explosive energy to the criticism you are hearing.  Not much you can do to ameliorate their energy. For yourself, take time to do things that support and sustain you.  Uranus’ inconjunct to Vesta says you aren’t fitting in the way you used to… you don’t belong here anymore. It is okay. Your new tribe will be arriving soon. Time to Move on Down the Road!  Let’s go.  Find a companion to walk with even if it is the songs on you ipod.  Move along, move along. Let it go. Let it go.


Sun’s day Sunday September 7, 2014  The Aquarius Moon goes void at 1:19 pm EDT with a closing square to Mars.  The Moon is void on Sunday afternoon.  Moon enters Pisces at 7:47 pm EDT. The Pisces Moon goes void with a closing trine to Mars. Last night was another difficult night of dreams. They are for a good purpose even if you are not sleeping so soundly.  Jupiter’s sextile to Pallas encourages and amplifies the dream energy where Neptune as the Apex of yet another Finger of God pushes the dreams into new spaces. Healing is possible, even probable.  You just have to let the old wounds go.  Let it go. Let it go!  Mars union with Pluto by declination amplifies his later semi-square ~ lots of tensions, stress and anxieties today.  They aren’t friends are in an argument energy.  The tension eases up tonight after the Moon enters Pisces but until then you can feel a bit overwhelmed and anxious.  Mars tries to take you back to the places you’d rather not go… so let it go instead.  Let it go. Uranus’ square to Juno says you are not willing to sacrifice for partnerships in the same way that you have in the past.  Time for some creativity on that front.  Negotiate for another deal. Juno’s square to Zeus invites you to nurture a creative area that inspires you. Partner’s infidelity can surface today.  Pay attention to what you hear. .. dig a bit and ask some questions. Often days like today are when you “find” something incriminating. Ask followup questions. They left it there so you would find it. Trust those Freudian slips… they mean something!  Venus’ contraparallel to Ceres pushes the energy of partnership away from the energy of nurturing. You just aren’t into the same way. That is okay. What would you like instead? Sun’s opposition to Chiron means there can be some serious wounding as you go to sleep ~ tears are quite possible. It’s been a rough couple of days on planet earth… give yourself extra nurturing!

Arizona In-Person Readings! :  I will be at the ISAR Conference in Chandler, Arizona at the end of the September.  I will be offering a few in-person readings while at the conference!  Email to schedule your reading!



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